TEC MA 1650 Interface
Provides Inventory control and cash accountability for the TEC MA-1650.

The SCANPlus TEC MA1650 Interface Module will turn your TEC Electronic Cash Register into an open architecture, point-of-sale system. With the addition of a scanner to the MA1650 and the SCANPlus software:

Cashier productivity will increase because the SCANPlus software turn;
Valuable sales and inventory reports will be available to you at any time;
Store "loss" will be monitored and reduced.

The SCANPlus MA1650 Interface resides on a PC, separate but networked to the TEC MA1650, and interfaces seamlessly with the TEC Register. The software combined with a scanner connected to the MA1650 gives you the ability to:

1. Scan UPC Barcodes instead of manually keying each item into the register when they are sold.
2. Reduce human error (unwittingly keying the wrong price for an item into the register at check). These types of errors can be causing your stores to lose money and decrease your profits.
3. Greatly improve your checkout times. Scanning will enable your cashiers to check customers out in about half the time it is taking now.
4. Have all registers stand-alone. Each register works independently of the back office system. If the back office system goes down, the registers continue to operate. Sales information as well as inventory information will be automatically uploaded to the back office system whenever it comes back on line.
5. Add new items "on the fly" directly into the store price book from the back office computer.
And with the SCANPlus software:

All sales transactions transmit from each register automatically.
Item price book modifications update each register automatically.
Sales data from each register is automatically consolidated.
You will have fully redundant multi-user technology. One register failure does not affect other registers or management stations.
"Blind" cash drawer balancing by clerk provides over and short accountability by tender.
Clerk reports list no sales, voids, refunds, paid outs, received on accounts, safe drops, loans to register, discounts, and clerk productivity. A department report by clerk is also available.
An electronic journal allows sorting of cashier shifts by type of transaction (voids, no sales, refunds, discounts, checks, etc.).
Transaction detail reports, which include coupons, discounts, checks, drops, voids, loans, payouts, credit cards, house charges, negative sales, and weighted items, are standard.
Extensive reporting provide management with accurate, concise, and up-to-date information needed to remain competitive in today's market. Item movement, sales history, cash drawer balancing are all part of the many reports available with the SCANPlus software.