Worth DATA Model LT71 Integrated Laser RF Terminal and Base

The LT71 RF Terminal is a low cost, easy-to-use radio frequency handheld terminal for communication with PCs and Macs (or any computer via RS-232).

No other radio frequency terminal offers as much power and ease of use. In fact, this is the smallest, easiest most powerful, and least expensive RF data collection terminal available in the industry. Operating license free at 902 MHz, it's range it typically twice the competition. Sixteen user selectable frequencies are provided. Yet it is the smallest RF Terminal in the industry.

This RF Terminal has a powerful, high-quality laser scanner built into the top of the case - no cables, no additional hardware - everything for laser scanning is built-in. Scanning is easily triggered by depressing the large green key below the screen with either the left or right thumb; it is easy with either hand. It is so light (18 oz.) that it is easy to aim. It can read a 10 mil bar code at 15", a 40 mil bar code at 4.5 feet, and a reflective 100 mill bar code at 14 feet; this is truly a great laser scanner. Both the laser and the RF Terminal are rated for multiple 5 ft. drops to concrete. Complete with cable, shoulder strip, Utilities CD-ROM and protective rubber boot.

Features include:

Smallest size in industry
500,000 sq ft coverage
Easiest to implement
80 field selectable frequencies
1-16 terminals / base station
Base attaches to com port
No license required in US/Canada/Australia
Voice prompting
Easy performance tuning
Use Alkaline or Rechargeable Batteries