TEC ST-5600
Super Powerful POS Engine

The ST-5600 is available with the AMD-K6-2 266 MHz Processor, making it able to cope with large and resource hungry applications. Supports large capacity Hard Disk Drives and Memory.

Connectivity for all Your POS Needs

The ST-5600 Terminal comes ready to support any/all Peripheral Devices required in the fast changing Retail Market. The ST-5600 has as standard features 6 RS232C Ports (4 of them supplying power for devices such as Bar Code Scanners), and 2 Expansion Slots (2 PCI or 2 ISA). The ST-5600 is also available in a model that offers 2 USB Ports for those devices that can utilize a USB Connection. Also a 24V Power Port is included in the ST-5600 for supplying your Printer with power. This frees up AC Outlets and eliminates unnecessary cables running in and around your Counter.

Designed to Meet the Needs of Retailers

There are also many TEC Peripherals available for the ST-5600, making it a complete solution for virtually any POS Application. These Peripherals Include:

LCD Touch Screen Monitors that Interface directly to the ST-5600.

POS Keyboards, in both raised and flat keyboard designs.

Customer Displays

Cash Drawers

All of these Peripherals are manufactured to the Highest Level of Quality. TEC Quality.

The ST-5600 runs MS-DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, UNIX, and Linux Operating Systems. As with all TEC POS Terminals, and Peripherals, the ST-5600 is OPOS Compliant, with TEC supplied drivers, making the ST-5600 open to virtually any application software.


The ST-5600 comes with a 1-Year Warranty against Hardware Defects and Workmanship.

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  TEC ST-5600
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