Price Verify
The SCANPlus Price Verification Module will enable the grocer to maximize his profitability, monitor and reduce inventory loss at DSD receiving points within his store, and control pricing of products from the wholesaler.
This dynamic module includes all the features necessary to verify that the prices being charged by any of the grocer's vendors, including DSD vendors is the correct pricing.

The optional SCANPlus Price Verification is the heartbeat of the SCANPlus inventory control system. Working in conjunction with the In-Store Price Book and the Receiving modules, the price verification module will automatically verify that the price the vendor is charging for an item is the price the vendor and the grocer agreed on. The price verify module will automatically produce an invoice for the grocer to use in comparing the vendor's invoice with the correct price. If there are any discrepancies, the price verification software will advise the grocer of the discrepancy, so that the grocer can be assured that he is paying the correct price for his products. This is a must have module for inventory control, and direct cost and retail price management.