Frequent Shopper
The Frequent Shopper program provides the ability to gather data for marketing programs and run promotions for your most loyal customers.

With the addition of the SCANPlus Frequent Shopper Module to your SCANPlus POS System, you can save 80% on your advertising costs while at the same time increasing your margins by as much as 100%. Seem to good to be true? Well it is true and has been demonstrated.

If you knew all your customers buying habits, you could advertise direct to your preferred customers and not advertise at all to your customers who buy only your specials and loss leaders.

News Paper advertising is spread to all customers including those who shop only loss leaders. This costs you not only the advertising costs but also the loss on the product they purchase.

Why not send advertisements and incentives only to those customers who spend a preset limit with you.
Why not set multiple present limits and send different incentives and advertisements to each group of customers grouped by spending habits.
  By using this method, your advertising budget is spent on customers who have a spending record with you.

Your item discounts can be set with each group of shoppers depending on their preferred shopper card. So discount and advertising dollars are spent only
on those customers who generate the vast majority of your sales and not wasted on customers who shop specials and loss leaders.

All you need is the SCANPlus Frequent Shopper Program. It will provide you with everything you need to implement targeted item discounting and advertising campaigns. The SCANPlus Frequent Shopper Module gives the store owner or manager the ability to gather data for marketing programs and run promotions for your most valued customers. The frequent shopper program allows you to set up frequent shopper accounts (through the Management Functions) for customers that shop at your store on a regular basis. You may setup any Item as a frequent shopper item simply by entering the beginning date that the item will be discountable for frequent shopper accounts. The Point of Sale will record all frequent shopper items & their respective discounts if the customer is identified as a frequent shopper at the time of the sale. The method, which the store uses to identify the frequent shopper at the Point of Sale, may vary. Some stores may opt to utilize customer account cards, which are scannable while others may wish to enter the account identifier manually.

The SCANPlus Frequent Shopper Module allows management personnel to enter both the beginning and ending dates when the frequent shopper item will no longer discountable. The program allows back office management to determine and enter any discount amount. Discounts may vary by item.

Once the discount amount for an item, and its beginning and ending date has been entered using the Frequent Shopper functionality, the register will automatically discount this item by the discount amount if a frequent shopper ID has been entered into the register.

The optional Frequent Shopper Module provides electronic coupons and the capturing of customer profile information. When the Frequent Shopper Module is licensed it is enabled for input of demographic information.

The manager or anyone he/she designates may at any time select reports on frequent shopper activity and sort by name or account number, (Frequent Shopper Number). These reports provide the date the customer joined the frequent shopper program, the last purchase date, number of items purchased and the dollar amount spent.

The Frequent Shopper Key is utilized at the register by simply pressing the Frequent Shopper Key. The Cashier enters the Frequent Shopper ID, and presses <ENTER>. The Frequent Shopper name is displayed below date and time. Frequent shopper savings will be calculated in the subtotal screen based on the amount of frequent shopper items purchased. The customer receipt will have an asterisk ( * ) printed next to the items in the sale that are Frequent Shopper Items and eligible for automatic discount. The total Frequent Shopper discount is printed in the receipt summary.

All optional modules are completely integrated at the Point-of-Sale and include the full Back Office, management and reporting capabilities.