SCANPlus Point of Sale Software Features and Benefits
Designed and Developed for the Grocery Industry


Speed Tender Keys ($1,5,10,20) Faster Check Out Lanes
Manager Controlled Void Capability Better Inventory & Cash Accountability
Check Verification, Check Printing, Check Endorsement, Check Guarantee
Transaction Suspend/Resume Faster Check Out Lanes
Item Look up by UPC or Description
Vendor and Store Coupons with Item Linking to Verify Item Purchase
Menu Look up Keys
Consistent Pricing and Accountability for Item Not Scanned
Training Mode
Allows for Training of New Clerks without Effecting Inventory Counts or Cash to Drawer
In Store Charges, Lookups and Payment at the Register (A/R option required)
Split Tender Capability for all Tenders
Item Preset Keys
Consistent Pricing and Faster Check Out for Frequently Sold Items that are not scanned.
Item File Maintained at each Register. Each Register Operates Independently
Keep Scanning Even if Network is Down


Inventory (store) Price Book
Multiple Ads (sale prices)
Temporary Price Changes
Future Price Changes
Promotional Sales Tracking
Price Groups
Mix & Match
Mixed Pack
WIC Flags
Item Linking
Profit Margin Analysis by Item
Sale Limits with or without Transaction Limits
Master / Alternate Inventory Tracking
Department / Item Restriction Day and or Age
Flexible Discounting
Manager Functions
Cashier Maintenance - Add / Delete, Restrict Privileges
Negative / Positive Check File Maintenance
Electronic Journal
Restock / Refund Items
Inventory Audit Report
Gift Certificates / In Store Credits
Time Keeper Function
Financial Reporting
Blind Cash Drawer Reconciliation
Extensive Reporting, over Fifty (50) Reports
Safe Balancing


Multi Site (Corporate Price Book)
DSD Receiving
RF Hand Held Unit
Price Verification / Change
RF Hand Held Unit
Immediate or Batch
Inventory Count Maintenance
In Store Charge Accounts
Video Rental
Security Monitoring
Frequent Shopper
Labels, Sign, Shelf Talkers
Import / Export
Hosting (Interface to Warehouse)
SIL Complaint
Open Architecture
Fault Tolerant
Easy Cash Register Like Operation
Year 2000 Compliant
Feature Rich Point of Sale
Integrated Credit, Debit or EBT
Frequent Shopper
Negative or Positive Check File
Superior Cash Controls
DSD Receiving
Inventory Control Real Time or Batch