Back Office
The Back Office system includes extensive inventory and store price book capabilities, cash control, accountability, sales analysis, item movement, and extensive reporting and management features.
The Point of Sale application is complemented by a fully integrated and easy to use in-store Back Office module. The Back Office Module includes the Store Price Book, Cash Control and Accountability, Management Controls and reporting as well as system setup and configuration.

Following are sample screens of the item lookup, item update, item restriction & Dept Sales Analysis Windows.


Cost & Price Analysis
Easily managed margin by item and Vendor.

Unlimited Departments, Sub Departments and Sub Level 2 Departments.
Improved tracking & management.

Item Price Grouping
Faster & Easier price changes, reduced labor requirements.

Date activated Future, Sale & Temporary Price Changes.
More accurate pricing & control.

Sale Limits
Improved control over promotion sales such as a limit of 2 items for 1.00 only if customer has purchased over $10.00 in the same transaction.

Restricted items by age or day of the week.
Insures legal compliance.

Promotional sales tracking.
Improved reporting for rebates from Vendors.

Multiple Ad Entry (Date Activated)
Less data entry time and accurate sale pricing without remembering to activate or remove from sale.