SCANPlus is the developer/manufacturer of a modular, computer-based point of sale software system. The system provides all the features you want in order to provide the fastest, most reliable service to your
customer while maintaining the highest level of security, and the most complete reporting system for your store.

Our solutions are for any size store, from a single store with a single register to large multi-store operations.

SCANPlus POS software is not hardware dependent. Unlike many solutions that run on proprietary platforms, SCANPlus software is truly open. You have a choice of a variety of peripherals such as receipt printers, scanner/scales, cash drawers, displays, etc.

At SCANPlus we listen to our customers needs and are willing to adjust our software to meet their needs.

SCANPlus POS software, incredibly capable but surprisingly affordable.


The Point-of-Sale module was designed with simplicity and speed in mind. Its functionally emulates most cash register systems with easy cash register like operations. Transactions are completed with a minimum number of keystrokes, allowing for maximum customer throughput while maintaining a high degree of accountability and inventory control.

The SCANPlus Point-of-Sale screen rapidly guides even inexperienced clerks efficiently through any type of transaction while maintaining a clear and secure audit trail. All Point-of-Sale screens are uncluttered and easy to understand.


The Point-of-Sale application is complemented by a fully integrated and easy to use in-store Back Office module. The Back Office Module includes the Store Price Book System, Cash Control and Accountability, Management Controls and Reporting as well as system setup and configuration.


• Warehouse Hosting
• Shelf Labels
• Accounts Receivable
• Video Rental
• Price Verification
• Multi-Site/Corporate Pricebook
• Remote Monitoring & Security Camera Interface
• DSD/Receiving
• Frequent Shopper
• Inventory Control
• Wholesaler Interface


At SCANPlus Inc., we have developed a PC Based Windows Scanning System.
With thorough data management and inventory control functionality.

If you are an existing customer and would like to schedule an upgrade, please email our technical support at

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We have also developed a back office
interface with the TEC MA 1650 Elecronic Cash Register.

The Inventory Control Module allows the customer to make dated inventory retail and sale price changes.

Our Radio Frequency Receiver Unit is
also available with the MA-1650 Back Office Interface; It automates receiving and adds cost/inventory control functionality to the TEC System.